So what's the deal with Sunshine Band anyway?

We're part of a nursing home ministry called the Sunshine Band. It was so named after the SonShine Society, whose materials we use in our meetings at various nursing homes. Now, The Wooden Spoon may all be a part of Sunshine Band, but Sunshine Band is much more than just the four of us. We've got church and family members that help us out at various locations, and anyone who's got the Spirit of The Lord and a right heart is welcome to help out. (This includes residents! In some locations we've had residents read poems and bible scriptures, and sing songs, for everyone.)

So how did you guys get started?

When Robert and Sharon were kids (we won't say how long ago that was :) ) Mrs. Linda Lawinsky led a group visiting area nursing homes on Sabbath afternoons. Robert and Sharon's mom went back to work and was employed at Little Forest Nursing Home, and was instrumental in getting Sunshine Band to start including it in its ministry. Mrs. Lawinsky and family eventually moved from the area. Robert had learned to play piano, and he ended up leading services and Sharon being songleader. The group was asked to bring service to additional care facilities, eventually ending up visiting places on a monthly basis.

As for Joshua and Faith, they also started when they were kids. There was a couple random times when they had helped Robert and Sharon out (remember, our families have always been close), but that wasn't how they got properly started. You see, we had a grandfather that was in a nursing home that the Sunshine Band ministry was ministering to, and so we all went to Sunshine Band together with Grandpa. At some point (I don't think it took long), we started helping with the services by passing out books and turning pages. Eventually, Joshua started playing the guitar and everyone kindly put up with it. (I'd like to think I play at least a little better now.) Then Faith starting singing, (something she's always been good at), and then we started stalking following Robert and Sharon to their other nursing homes.

So then, what do you do in these meetings?

Sunshine Band meetings are a type of portable church service that is brought monthly to the recreation halls of various nursing homes. We sing hymns together with the residents, and read spiritual and uplifting poems and scriptures. We sometimes have a "Word from God's Word" and we also have responsive readings from the Victory Edition SonShine hymn book. Near the end of each meeting, we celebrate all the birthdays for the month, residents, staff, and helpers alike! At the very end, we recite the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples, and then pray over all the concerns of everyone who's attended the meeting (and sometimes even the prayers of those who couldn't make it). It's actually quite a fun and interactive time.

Okay, I just have to ask, what's the deal with this and the KC deal?

Yup, that's a good question. Confusing, isn't it? I've got no good answer here. I checked it out, and the SonShine Society and the much more popular band happened to be founded in the same year, 1973. I'm not quite sure exactly which one came about first, but they both seem to be completely different things, dispite the similiar name. Unfortunately this has caused some confusion. It hasn't seemed to mess things up too much though.

So how can I help out?

If you live near us and have something you'd like to share (whether talent or whatever) contact Robert and he'll let you know how to help. If you don't live near us, find a Sunshine Band near you, or start one. There's plenty of materials to help get you started over at the SonShine Society website. (BTW, we're not affiliated with them or anything, we just find their stuff useful). And of course, if you'd like to just help our band out financially, just follow the instructions at the end of the Christmas Sunshine page. Your ENTIRE donation goes to help the Sunshine Band Nursing Home Ministry.