Pass Me Not

Released in 2015

"Pass Me Not" was originally recorded as a gift for Pastor Lori as she is moving on to a new church. Since there are others who wish to have this recording, we are releasing it online for all to enjoy (but Lori got the CD before you all did).

Downloads are available in the MP3 and FLAC formats below. "Pass Me Not the lyrics" is just the accompaniment, without the lyrics being sung. You may use it as background music for singing, or however you wish.

Title MP3 FLAC Play
Pass Me Not Download Download
Pass Me Not the vocals Download Download

If you don't know which one you want, you probably want the MP3.

But it's backwards!

No it isn't. "Pass Me Not the vocals" is a pun, where the joke is on the word "not". It should be read as "Do not pass me the vocals" as the file does not pass the vocals in your direction.

Also, if the SpiltPopcorn player isn't working for you, you can listen on SoundCloud. (Or, of course, just download the tracks.)

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